Saturday, July 4, 2015

Saturday, January 3, 2015


One of my favorite gifts was from my mom and dad~ an Origins gift set.  It came with a candle, ginger bubble bath and lotion.  And the kids and Char got me my favorite bath salts from Whole Foods.  My bath in the evening is one of the things I look forward to most in the day.  Even more so when things feel out of control or out of order in my life which has been a lot this year.  
I do feel like over this past two weeks, I've been forced to slow down and have had time to regroup.  We've stayed home a lot because we are still adjusting to all the carb counting and shots for Maura.  Going out to eat, which has always been something I enjoy doing, has become more of a stressor because Maura has to eat within 30 minutes and then get her insulin shot.  I am sure over the next few months, things will start to feel more routine and it won't have the same level of stress.  But for now, it has been more about being home bodies.  

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning comes at such a reasonable hour nowadays!  It was like 8:30am when we opened gifts.  Ben even got his shower in before opening presents.

It was a craft Christmas for Maura.  Her favorite gifts from Santa were the marker maker and an itouch from MaeMae and PaePae

It was a tech Christmas for Ben, ofc.  His favorite, new headphones for his computer and keyboard.

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is taking the kids shopping for eachother.  We usually go to the dollar store.  It is amazing to me how much thought each of them puts into what the others would want.  Max probably takes the most time to pick out the perfect gifts.  Maura had been talking about a candy dispenser, so when he saw this, he knew it was the perfect gift.  She was SO excited!

And Max's favorite gift was the WiiU.  It was to all the kids but he was really the one who wanted it (with SmashBros and Hyruyle Warrior :)

New robes from MaeMae and PaePae

The Itouch

New saw blades

Outfit to wear in Nashville, TN

A lantern the breaks down into three smaller lanterns for our blackout nights at Chautauqua

Christmas Eve

The Christmas activities started with Gingerbread House making.  Peggy is the ginger bread expert so when they are in town and she is up for it, the kids get to get their creative on.  Peggy steps up her game each year.  This year the houses were a replica of the boat dock at Lake Anna, so lots of fun memories for the kids.  Each family worked on their dock together.

Part of the fun of making ginger bread houses is eating the candy while you make them.  That became a little trickier since Maura can't whatever/whenever.  We had her pick out the candy she wanted to eat and gave her a snack with it, so while they built she still got to have all her favorite candy, just within 30 minutes.  She rolled with it, no problem.