Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fall Hoodies

Everyone needs a new hoodie in the Fall :)

Blueberry Hill

We went to Blueberry Hill with MaeMae and PaePae to celebrate?  I think there was a purpose or maybe we just thought it would be fun.  The highlight was Maura actually won something out of those "steal your money" machines!  And then, they stole tons more of our money because everyone was like, "I can totally win this!"  We probably spent a good $20 by the end of it all.  But everyone was still excited that Maura walked out with a prize!  PaePae was her wingman :)

Always fun in the photo booth!

Gotta try to win the Dr. Dre Beats!  Didn't win the beats :( but did get them for Christmas!

Pumpkin Patch

Maura's Kindergarten class when to Rambach's Pumpkin Patch for their Fall field trip. It was a gorgeous day!  

Mrs. Drabelle has this special power over Kindergarteners.  They hang on everything she says and they swear she knows "EVERYTHING"!  So sweet :)

I want to get one of these copied onto a canvas :)

Bust of Ben

A couple of years ago Peggy was at a museum in California and saw this bust of a slave boy from Ancient Rome. It deserved a blog post because it looks so much like Ben at age 5 or 6.  I am blown away by it every time I look at it. I couldn't find a non-smiling picture of Ben, so this was the closest I could find of a face close-up.  Now looking at this picture, I think the bust looks more like Ben at 8 or 9.  I may have to spend more time later looking for a different picture. 

Martial, a young slave boy, had a owner who was much fond of him as his owner took out an expense to have this crafted. 


Monday, December 30, 2013

St. Louis Family Symphony

 We went to one of the St. Louis Symphonies Family Concerts.  It was the symphony of Beethoven's life.  They did an amazing job telling the story of his life in between playing pieces of his.  
The kids were able to try to play instrument.  Maura and Max tried the trumpet.  Max was able to make the sound right away which I think helped sway him to switch from clarinet to trumpet.  I think he also wanted to play an instrument that not so many others were playing.  

A stop at Ted Drews after the symphony :)

Kindergarten and 4th grade Circus

 The Kindergarten and 4th grade put on a Circus each year.  We were lucky this year to have Maura and Max in the Circus together :)  Max was Ringmaster and Maura was a horse.

Max and Johan

Maura and Claire

Percy and Polly

 Maura got to bring Percy and Polly home for an overnight around her birthday.  They did all sorts of crafts, had dinner together and an overnight in Maura's room.

Maura got an awesome birthday gift from Aunt Mimi~ she gets to play teacher, nothing much more awesome than that!

Maura's 6th Birthday