Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow Day Continued

So that was a lot of snow!  Thankfully it is already melting today.  Yesterday, I thought it would be fun to walk to Schnucks to pick stuff up for dinner.  My thought was- a beautiful walk in the crisp, newly fallen snow- I tried to talk Max and Ben into walking with me and both declined.  I thought I had Ben convinced but no luck.  Then I decided to see if our sitter could come over and watch the kids so Char and I could go.  She came over and we headed out- the first few minutes weren't horrible but the wind picked up and it started to snow harder and it was more like sleet and it was terrible and I got all whiney.  So we made it to the turn around by Target and headed back home and got the car.  Much better idea!

We stopped at Duffys for a drink and an appetizer.  Now, that was a nice was to spend an hour on a snowy day!

We came home and put dinner together for the kids which included homemade bread, yum!  Max asked if I would make homemade bread the next time he has a friend over because it smells so good.  That is one sweet boy!  Then Char made fish tacos and they were absolutely delicious.  I could eat those multiple times a week.  

Picture is way to dark but our fish taco dinner was not only delicious, the table looked beautiful too :)

Today the kids and I shoveled Ann and Steve's driveway.  In thanks, they had us over for Imos for dinner.  It was a really nice visit.  The kids tried to solve Steve's riddles and Ann and I caught up on some family stuff.  I had recently been thinking how I'd love to be part of a Sader and today is the first day of Passover.  Ann told us a little bit about how they use to celebrate the Sader in her family.  They would do things like recreate the 10 plagues or some of them at least.  They would throw cotton balls to imitate hail.   I was amazed how much Ben and Max knew about Passover and were able to contribute to the conversation.  Their religion classes are more like History classes at school which I love.  

Now, finally, Spring Break is coming to an end.  Maura has been home for 17 days!  That girl is ready to be back at school.  I think I'm ready for some regular rhythm to our week, at least until it gets warm and Summer arrives!  Bring on the change of seasons- I desperately need it!!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Snow Day

We tried to make the most of the 8+ inches of snow we got when it is suppose to be Spring!  

Our pipe smoking, skirt wearing snow lady :)

Finally a packable snow so we could build a snow fort!

Maura wins for the reddest cheeks!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Wolf Howl

We went to the Endangered Wolf Sanctuary tonight for the Wolf Howl.  Very cool experience- the howling was sort of freaky, almost sounds like people screaming some of the time.  The kids asked lots of good questions and learned a lot.  

After the bonfire we walked about a quarter of a mile toward the enclosure to listen for the wolves.  They were howling quite a bit.  Afterwards we went back for hot chocolate and cookies in their gathering center.  There were a lot of beautiful photos.  One day we need to go back during the day to try to see the wolves in person.

American Girl Doll Lunch

Tara gave Maura her American Girl Doll for her birthday.  Since then I have been promising her a trip to the American Girl Doll store for lunch.  In January, I told her we would do it over Spring Break.  Well, we finally made it there today for lunch.  We had a great time.  Everything in the store is so ridiculously expensive and Maura seems to get that.  So we walked around, talked about how crazy expensive everything was and then enjoyed lunch and dessert :)

We both love the Native American doll and her clothes.

Maura thinks this one is fun and fancy.

Annie Oakley

Maura and I went to see the play Annie Oakley at the History Museum.  She was totally engaged and thought it was great that a girl was a better shooter than any boy.  

After the play we walked around the History Museum for awhile.

Then we went to Wash U and visited my mom.  Maura decided she wanted to go to the Olive Garden for Mac and Cheese and breadsticks.  It was a good day but bring on the warm weather...this is NOT how Spring Break should feel!!!  And now 5 inches predicted for this weekend, uhg!  I can't handle it!

Kate's Quilt Show

So much talent!  Kate's quilts were part of St. Louis' Quilt Expo.  She had three quilts in the show.  One was the Lake of St. Louis quilt she made for Peggy.

This is the second of her quilts in the show- amazing color!

And the third and most recent quilt that she made for Karl.  We saw so many people taking pictures of this one!  Proud grandchildren :)  Pretty cool to see your Grandma's incredible work displayed!

Amy and I spent some time shopping.  We definitely did not have enough time to shop on our Spring Break trip.

Loved this quilt too.