Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Max's Lemon Drops

 Max made lemon drops from the Harry Potter Sweet Shoppe Recipe book. These are just pictures of the bubbles while we waited for the sugar concoction to boil to 300 took WAY longer than I least 20 minutes, maybe longer.  He was definitely proud of the final product so those pictures are coming soon.

New Year's Eve 2011

 We continued with our New Year's Eve tradition of everyone's favorite food feast and slumber party/movie night in the living room.  Favorite foods included strawberries, black olives, artichokes, rolls, and steak...and others.  
 Musical interlude 

Molly loved having the mattresses on the floor of the living room.  She quickly became part of our slumber party.

 Happy New Year!!!

Honeys of the World

 For Christmas, James bought Charlie honey from around the world.  James did a great job picking out a variety of honey that were all delicious and unique.  I was surprised by how much of an after taste there was from the regular grocery store honey after tasting the others.   My favorite was the pine honey and I don't think I will chose generic honey again.  I need to get Charlie to help me write a review of each one.  Maybe we will need another taste testing day for that :)

 In another life I would be a food blogger.  

 In this life...I'm a mom blogger.

Time on the Roof

 We had a beautiful day the week after Christmas so Charlie decided to take down the lights.  He let the kids come up on the roof for a new view.  They were all very careful but I was still a nervous mess- my mom's nervousness has clearly rubbed off on me.  The kids thought their time on the roof was fabulous!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas with MaeMae, PaePae and Uncle James

 A little reading time with Uncle James


 Honey's of the World...separate post coming soon...

 Silly Hair Lalaloopsy Doll...Santa didn't forget :)

 One of the many hats of PaePae

 Framed certificate of our 2011 Cardinal World Series Celebration

 Tools are always a popular gift

A massage chair...just what a hard working guy needs!

Oh, yeah, and beer to have while relaxing in the massage chair!  
(Separate beer keg pics coming)

And a little pool before dinner.  
Merry Christmas!

Christmas Morning 2011

Still a little sleepy but ready to open presents!

 A Fur Real Puppy- so far has been given the names Clara, Sarah, Cleo and Clementine.

It was a Harry Potter Christmas for Max- he used the cookbook to make Lemon Drops.

 The Wand

The PS3

And that's a wrap...oh, wait...that is, until MaeMae, PaePae, and Uncle James come over!