Friday, June 29, 2012

Spring Break 2012: Springfield, IL

Amy and I took the kids to Springfield, IL for a Spring Break trip in March.  There were so many great things about the trip.  For starters, the train ride was lovely- the kids loved the snack car, we loved that we could have a glass of wine on the the 2 hour ride.  The kids were great the whole time, very little complaining and just good bonding time.  We definitely need to go back!

Everyone in their elegant poses in the lobby of the hotel.

The Lincoln Museum was amazing- exceeded my expectations.  There was a 3D hologram show that amazed all of us.  Max was afraid he was going to have nightmares because he was sure it was a ghost.

We actually ate really well for most meals.  We found this cute cafe for lunch one day.  

Lincoln Home

Lincoln's Hat- not really, apparently there are only 2 real hats of Lincolns and they are in museums.

Fun int he elevator after swimming.

Dinner at Spagos- we were the only ones in the restaurant with children but the kids were great.  We got a great meal and got to see all sorts of Illinois government big wigs walking in and out of the back room.  

I think Max's favorite part of the trip was the buffet breakfast which included his own pot of hot tea that he got to make each morning.  

Max's First Communion

Police Department Field Trip

We took the Scouts to the Manchester Police Department for a field trip.  The officers who took us on the tour were awesome with the boys and all of their energy and questions.  Max had a ton of questions particularly about how the taser works and what the inmates get to eat.

Junior Biz Town Field Trip

This is a ridiculously delayed post but I'm determined to (sort of) catch up!  This Spring Ben's class went on a field trip to to Junior Achievement's Biz Town.  Tara's class happened to be doing their field trip on the same day so it was fun to see both of them working their booths.  Ben was working at the baby hospital and was in charge of the adoptions.  It was hilarious to me that they put a boy in charge of this because he definitely didn't have the maternal instinct in holding the baby dolls- it was more an under the arm football hold than a cradle in your arms kind of hold.  The day was loud and busy but the kids had a great time.  When I left I took two advil and bought a latte from Starbucks.