Monday, September 19, 2011

Maura's 4th Birthday (party #2)

Maura had her birthday party at Olympiad where she takes her gymnastics class.  The girls had a great time dancing, jumping, and bouncing around.

Ballpit fight
Fun with the parachute

Audrey and Maura
Mike and Ike's from Uncle James
Lots of cute presents including this

Maura's 4th Bday (party #1)

Maura's first birthday celebration was with the Lottes' at Paul and Amy's house.  Peggy was in town so she was able to celebrate with us.  Kate's train cake was the highlight along with a birthday plate made by Amy and some wonderful birthday gifts.

What a talented mother and daughter- the tongue twirlers!

 Mama's train cake gets two thumbs up (or two pointer fingers)!

 Bags full of fun!  Girl soccer gear from Aunt Peggy and Aunt Mimi- soccer pictures coming soon.  Aunt Amy's cupcake birthday platter, a new leotard for gymnastics and other girly stuff.

Always happy to share some girl time with Tara :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summer List 2011

I got this Summer List idea from the blog 'Whatever...'. She has creative ideas and gorgeous photos. We checked off lots from our list. Still hoping to get a few more done over the next few weeks. The Grandma's also helped with a few while we were in Michigan :)

Chautauqua Wildlife

Every year there is some exciting snake spotting at Chautauqua. Last year it was Maura's rattlesnake spotting. This year there was another rattlesnake spotting. This snake was shot and then driven around the grounds for everyone to take a look. There was also a nest of snakes in the creek this Summer. We've been told they are not poisoness but they still freak me out. Other not so freaky wildlife at Chautauqua are the deer, butterflies, frogs, etc...- I can handle them :)

Jersey County Tree

We've driven past this tree for years on our way to Walmart in Jersey County. I always notice it. This year I pulled over and got a picture. I'm not sure why it always draws my attention. Maybe it is because of the contrast with the blue sky and clouds or maybe it is just because it is dead.

Summer Job

1st paycheck!

Consulting with MaeMae about how to keep these weeds from coming back.

Ben got his first job this Summer at Chautauqua. He was in charge of watering the flowers and pulling weeds on the Roque Court. By the end of the Summer he was just watering because the Roque Court is sadly becoming a lost cause. No one utilizing it partly because no one can find the proper equipment to play with. Mae Mae worked with Ben at the beginning of the Summer to get it in shape- it was looking pretty good but the Roundup couldn't keep the weeds away. Ben saved all of his money through the Summer to buy an Itouch.

The 13 Year Cicada

Millions of "13 year cicadas" could be heard for weeks in STL this year. The trees were covered and the noise got so loud you could hear them over the air conditioner with the windows closed. The kids didn't want to go outside because they would dive bomb you. 13 years from now we are going to have to plan a month long vacation- maybe one of the kids will be studying in Europe and we can all go there for the month!