Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blue Eyes

My dad is convinced Maura's eyes are changing color from blue to green. This is my attempt to show him they really are blue- drape her in blue and take pictures. I guess to be fair I should drape her in green and take pictures. Guess that will be another post.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Day in the Life of Maura

Time to wake up her dolly. The doll's quilt was made by MaMa to match the cradle which was made by Aunt Amy.

A little morning yoga :)

A ride on her horse (also a favorite gift from Aunt Amy). I completed underestimated how much she would like this horse. It is like her little companion- she brings it into different rooms with her, talks and sings to it, fixes it's hair, pretends to ride it....

Cutting with scissors is a favorite daily activity.

Accessorizing her outfit.

A little shopping at Trader Joes.

Hmmm, which veggies do we need?

Yes, the chip isle!

Time for a bath with shaving cream and bubbles.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Top 40 Sweet Cheeks!

My favorite "40" reference! Top 40 sweet cheeks :)

I had a nice birthday week last week. Sharon and I started it off with our birthday dinner night out. First we went to Chuck's Boots. Sharon found a pair of super cute boots. I got my fun cowboy boots a few years ago so I abstained from buying a pair. I did find a pair for $500 that were fabulous!
We went out to a great dinner at the new Charlie Gittos. I started with a cosmopolitan, yum. And for dinner got the seafood risotto, delish! We had an uninterrupted span of 3+ hours to talk, laugh and catch up. We finished the evening by exiting through the wine cellar doors instead of the exit. After digging through gift boxes for mints we looked around and realized it wasn't the exit. The ladies at the front desk kindly pointed the way to the exit doors when we came out of the wine room. I have not laughed that hard in a long, long, time!
Sadly, I didn't take any pictures that night. We may have to go back to recreate the night and get a pic!

On my bday two bouquets of flowers were delivered. One from the Paul and Amy and one from Sam. They were beautiful and made my day! The Sam bouquet expired before I got a picture. I was going to recreate it but couldn't find the gorgeous Gerber daisies at Schnucks- go figure. The last picture is pretty close to what they looked like. My mom also came out that afternoon and we had a cocktail and watched Oprah.

The Top 40 from the kids. Some highlights: you understand us from the inside, delicious banana bread, you take us on adventures, you taught me how to love.

I look tired- maybe not so top 40 here :)

The night before my bday we went to my parents for dinner. There was a delicious chocolate cake that we enjoyed that night and the next morning for breakfast. I also got a gift card to Barnes and Noble which I quickly used on a great book- Bloodroot by Amy Greene. My mom and dad gave me money which will go toward a zoom lens for the camera they bought for me!

The next highlight to my bday was a night out at MorganLeFays with Sam and Cheryl (surprise guest). We had wine, tapas, and great conversation. Again, no pics, uhg!

The next celebratory portion was a surprise dinner with Chris and Mike. Charlie and I planned to go to Cafe Provencal for dinner. My mom came out to babysit. At 6 when we were planning to leave our phone rang and it was Chris. She rambled on about something and then all of sudden walked in our front door. The four of us headed to dinner. I had my favorite meal- scallops, provance trio, and leak soup- perfect!

After dinner Chris said they had something else planned. We headed toward Maplewood and I thought we were going to a cute, trendy spot. Nope- we were headed to a "Cougar" bar- Fialonis. I walked in and Andrea and Kathi had a front row table right next to the karaoke where the owner sings. And there are "cougars" everywhere. It was hilarious- we sang karaoke, laughed, people watched and had a perfectly ridiculous time.