Sunday, November 29, 2015

Beginning of Summer

Warson Woods pool with the cousins

Ballpark Village with Lisa and family

Custard with Kimmy :)

T1D Camp

Maura went to her first overnight camp for T1D this Summer.  

We could tell she was completely wiped out when we picked her up.  She asked me to sit next to her on the drive back because she hadn't given hugs in 3 days.  We hugged eachother and talked for about 30 minutes and then I started to get car sick.  So C and I switched spots.  She fell asleep on him after about 10 more minutes of telling stories.  When we got home, she swore she hadn't slept until I showed her this picture :)

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Max's MaeMae Autobiography

Max had a 5th grade Biography project.  He chose to write about MaeMae's life.  They spent some time talking on the phone, Max asking all sorts of questions and MaeMae answering with all sorts of funny detail.  

MaeMae got to come to see the presentation in class.  He did and awesome job and ended it with a comment about noticing her dark hair in the younger years and her current blonde hair, lol.

MaeMae on the left arriving in the states from Ireland.  She told about a man playing the accordian and setting her on top of it as he played on the plane.

A photo of her in Tipperary, Ireland

MaeMae, far right, Aunt Cookie and Uncle Pat

Daisy Highlights