Friday, August 31, 2012


MaeMae and I took Max and Maura to see Alladin at the Muny.  We first had dinner at Talanyas.  We got way too much food- spaghetti for the kids, pizza for us.  It is great to have occasions where siblings show their adoration for each other.  After dinner we headed to the Muny.  It was the ONLY night that it rained this summer, actually it poured.  Thankfully, it was only for about 45 minutes.    So we rushed to the overhang area, sat on the ground for awhile and then went to our seats.  The show was fantastic- so glad we waited out the rain.  The genie was hilarious.  Max and Maura still repeat lines from the show.  Love my theater buddies :)

Sandbar Picnic

We went on a sandbar picnic this summer on the Mississippi.  I didn't even know there were sandbars on the river!  I guess that is because of all the flooding over the past 4 years.  It was an incredible gift to have a non-flooded summer at Chautauqua.

 In Max's opinion soda makes every event better :)

Being river rats can be a good thing.

 Who would a thunk- there is even sand (not just mud)!

 Forgot a chair? Grab a log.  Nice leg mud treatment from Maura!

Also, smores make every event better too!

Nice, dead fish.

Return boat ride with the future Mr. and Mrs. Rathburn

Lantern Parade

Chautauqua Art Fair

 They held an Art Fair at Chautauqua this summer.  There were two bands, art displays, art activities for the kids, food and more.  It is amazing how much talent was displayed.  I realize I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked.  

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Three Rivers Community Farm 2012

Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the farm each week this summer.  But the weeks we did, we enjoyed fabulous produce and beautiful flowers.