Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 Christmas Tree

After not too much looking we settled on our tree. The amazing thing was we picked out our tree on a pleasant night- no rain, freezing rain, or sleet. The kids were just ready to pick one so they could go get a candy cane. Charlie was just ready to pick one and be done. I wasn't convinced it was the perfect tree but I have to say it looks pretty perfect with the lights and ornaments. It was pajama day at school so Max ran all our errands that day with pjs on. I looked like one of "those" moms- and really, I am one of "those" moms most days :)

Also, Charlie got the lights up on the house on a warmish day. And we wrapped gifts a week before Christmas! The kids went to a 3 hour event at Maura's gymnastics place- they had fun running, jumping, doing crafts, having snacks while we wrapped- brilliant!
Maura made gifts and with dad's help wrapped them and put them under the tree.


Reading in mom and dad's bed.

Nothing like a box to make an afternoon fun and exciting.

Charlie and Ben taking a break from moving the couch out of our bedroom and down to the basement. Lots of hard work to help give me a bit of sanity with a work space in our room (that picture soon to come).

Ben's Art Work

Maura's Art Work

Max's Art Work

Happy 40th Bday!

We agreed to low key 40th birthdays this year. The kids and I made a cake and lasagna. We also designed a "Top 40 Reasons We Love You" poster. A few of the Top 40 highlights...

Maura: you cut paper with me, you make chips and cheese, you are funny
Max: you make good soup (bean and bacon from the can), you take us on super fast bike trailer rides, you make us happy when we are sad
Ben: you help us fix our computer problems, you play dodgeball with us, you pray with us
Kathy: you bring me flowers, you do the laundry, you make us laugh

Happy Birthday! We love you!