Friday, March 18, 2016

St. Patrick's Day

Getting these boys to take a good picture takes awhile!

Ben giving Max advice on the Chrome book purchase

Max's 6th grade Band Concert

Ready to perform :)
The band teacher added a concert this year so the kids could perform more current music.  They played a song from Raiders, Bad by Michael Jackson and

Dairy Queen to celebrate a great show

Downton Abbey's End

I can't believe this series is over.  I am going to miss the characters so much.  I cried like a baby watching the last episode.  

Max saw me crying and brought this picture to me that he made.  He said "here is a cup of tea to make you feel better".  What a kind heart and such an appropriate sentiment.

Birthday DubSmash

Almost Spring

Birthday Parties

Maura went to Clare's American Girl Doll birthday party.  It was s super cute party...they ordered a 'starter' and 'main course' off the menu.  Then had cake and ice cream for dessert.

That night we went to Sophia's birthday party.  It was a slumber party at her Uncle Joe's in St. Albans.  We got lost driving there in mist, rain and fog.  After talking with neighbors and driving around for awhile, we finally found it.

It was a sweet group of girls.  We had Italian for dinner, cake and the girls played with their dolls and watched a movie.  They finally settled to bed around midnight.  I stayed the night too because Maura's bg's have been all over the place and it was a long way out. 

Ben's Birthday

Ben and PaePae, birthday twins

The CPOP crew back together for another birthday :)  This is the fifth year this group has been here for Ben's birthday.  They are a much calmer group now that they are older.  It was crazy listening to to their man laughs coming from the basement.  Such a nice group of boys!

MaMa's train cake to celebrate all of the February/March birthdays

Brownies: International Bazaar

For the International Bazaar, Maura's Brownie troop learned about England.  Each girl made scones to sell at the bazaar.  

She also helped me make a German chocolate cake for PaePae's birthday.

Busted Up Van

So in one week, I busted off the side mirror on the van driving out of the garage...

Duct tape, classy!

I noticed a missing grate on the front of the van...
and I had a flat tire.

The week before, the engine lights went on.  I brought it in and they said it was some transmission thing.  They were able to do some cleaning process and hopefully it will run for a couple more years without having to have the transmission replaced.

And I still have the screwed on/taped up bumper from last year's Spring break trip, lol!

Thankfully, Charlie was able to replace the mirror and grate the next week, so the van doesn't look too g'd up anymore.