Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Mix of Christmas Cheer

I didn't do a good job getting group photos this Christmas.  But this is a mix of Christmas Eve at Kates, Christmas with the Stenners and Christmas morning at our house.  The week was busy but filled with good family fun.  Highlights included Minecraft gear for Ben, Legos and computer gear for Max, guitar and Hello Kitty gear for Maura.  So much prep for one day of excitement!  Happy to have one more "Best Christmas Evar" behind us :)  Looking forward to a lower key January and February.
2010 Christmas!

Christmas morning

Christmas Day

We have a scary Santa that Charlie swore he couldn't find when bringing up all the decorations.  I found it, easily.  I'm thinking this scary Santa might be found lurking in one of our closets one day if it goes on clearance enough!

Christmas Tree

We found the perfect tree this year :)  I think it was suppose to be in the $59 isle but we found it in the $39 isle, yay!

Shadow at Breakfast

I have company as I get the kid's breakfast together each morning.  


Dinner at MaeMae and PaePae's house.  The complete turkey feast!  I know it is a days worth of work in the kitchen for my mom.  If it is any consolation, I know we all look forward to the meal each year, made just like the year before, perfectly.

Always plenty of olives.

We had a perfect start to Thanksgiving day with soup and Tripoly with MaMa. 

Flowers and our "thankful" tree- Char, thankful for his hard working, funny children, his beautiful generous, amazing wife (awe) and having everything we need and more.  Ben, thankful for our pets and having money.  Max, thankful for food, holidays, fun and laughter with friends.  Maura, thankful for turkey, cats, dogs, Thanksgiving and everybody.  Kathy, thankful for her funny, caring, and occasionally crazy children and her always awesome and loving husband.  We are all thankful for family and laughter.  Thanksgiving is by far one of my favorite holidays- good food, good company, lots of downtime.  


Jenny and Sharon

Jeff and Charlie

Very easy to get a smile

Pretty easy to get a smile

Sorry Grace, Max was not cooperating!

Fun at the Magic House