Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Most amazing surprise I've ever been given!  On a random Monday at Chautauqua, Charlie told me to pack a bag because we were going on a road trip.  Kate was already at the cottage and my mom was heading up that afternoon.  On the road he let me guess and gave me a few clues.  My first real guess was a music festival with the Dixie Chicks which I knew was a stretch since they aren't even together anymore.  After more thought, I actually guessed we were going to see Glennon Melton at one of her book signings~ and I was right~ the tears started flowing right away.  I never want to forget that feeling.  

Here is my sneak photo since we didn't wait in the book signing line because it was so long.  It was hearing her speak that I really wanted and it was amazing.  She spoke for an hour and a half~ much longer than we expected.  Her energy was amazing.  

The book signing was held at St. George's Episcopal church.  

This beautiful wall surrounded part of the property.

After the book signing we checked into our hotel.  We realized we didn't have luggage as we were leaving the cottage. Normally we pack our clothes in laundry baskets to and from St. Louis and Chautauqua.  Thankfully we found a backpack and laptop bag in the trunk and were able to put our clothes in those since we didn't have suitcases.  We stayed at an incredibly beautiful hotel, The Hermitage.  All weekend we were able to take our time and enjoy everything, no rushing, nobody needing us to do things for them.  It was a much needed break from our normal routine! 

We went to dinner at a rooftop restaurant called Pub 5.  Beautiful view of downtown Nashville and great food.

Our BBQ lunch at Pucketts on Sunday before heading home

Reststops in Tennessee are beautiful

Back home on the River Road

Back home to Chautauqua~ the perfect getaway, wish we could do it monthly!

Shannon and family Summer visit

Shannon, Morris, Brenden and Nolan came through Illinois for a visit on their way back to Georgia in the RV.  The kids all had a great time swimming, playing at the park, riding bikes and enjoying Chautauqua.  

Nolan wasn't too sure about Maura and her loving energy around him all the time.

The kids loved sharing screen time :)  

Slumber party in the bunk room

Checking out Pokemon cards in the RV.  The time in the RV just made the kids want a family RV trip even more!

We went to Pere Marquette to walk around but it started pouring down rain.  We went inside to play chess but there was a wedding going on.  So we settled for the game room and cocktails for the adults.  Cocktails make game rooms bearable.  Luckily all of the kids won balls- definitely a highlight of the trip!

Movie time in play school

Enjoyed an awesome breakfast made by my mom- breakfast casserole, sausage, bagels, yum.  Wish the trip could have been longer.  I think we are going to have to find a our way to Georgia sometime soon to enjoy the mountains and horses. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Maura's First Lost Tooth

Maura lost her first tooth on our Lottes family vacation! She was with Mama, Aunt Mimi, Uncle Rob, Christopher and Sean for the day. Mimi sent pics :) And the tooth fairy came here last night.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Erin Bode

Paul, Amy and Kate came to Chautauqua to see Erin Bode.  It was an amazing concert.  Amy and Kate brought a wonderful dinner and we ate a little from the food truck.  

College Friends

I got to catch up with two great friends from college this Summer- Brenda and Lisa.  They both come through St. Louis occasionally and we try to meet up.