Friday, April 6, 2012

Stenner/Lottes Family Photo

I love this family :)

Max's Harry Potter Birthday

 Max requested a Harry Potter birthday party this year.  He and Charlie have been reading the books and were on book 5 at the time.  At first I thought, ok, we will watch the movie and have a HP cake made at Dierbergs.  But then Pinterest got ahold of my brain and I became a woman obsessed.  It actually wasn't that much work- put together in a couple of days.  We made a fake brick wall for the kids to walk through at the front door like platform 9 3/4 out of an old sheet.  Some of the kids got it, others were probably like, weird they have a sheet on their front door.

 The dining room was decorated for "Potions" class.  My mom and James found dry ice so we were able to do make dry ice bubbles- Max decided on the ingredients list- unicorn blood, niffler blood, yeti blood, dragon blood, dragon teeth and yeti hearts.

Harry Potter capes were made for each of them- just fabric with red ribbon glued to the end.  Wands made out of wooden dowels.  

The boys spent over an hour making potions with the dry ice, bubble and food coloring.  

 Ben and Uncle James had fun playing dry ice hockey.

Everyone left with a goody bag, owl and diploma from Hogwarts.  Such a fun party :)