Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Maura got money from her birthday and wanted to use it at Yucando.  Before our Yucando day, we went to another pottery studio and she painted a butterfly mug.  It was a fun mom and Maura day.  

Max and Maura were off school one day in November so chose that day to go to Yucando.  Maura made a wipe board.  Max made a turtle.  Show me St. Louis was there filming that day, so Max and Maura were in the background on TV that day :)  

These two could live at this place!  

Last of CYC Soccer

 Sadly, it is the end of an era.  Grade school soccer for Ben wrapped up.  It is hard to believe he will be in high school next year.  It has been so fun watching him and his team grow on the soccer field.  It became more and more fun to watch.  It was even more emotional for Charlie to watch this come to an end partly due to memories from his own time on the soccer field.  One thing I appreciated this soccer season was Charlie's perspective on just being in the moment at the games.  The beautiful fall weather was an added bonus.  For me, watching the kids grow really does give some unnoticed perspective on my own life.  Slowing down to notice is the key.




 This is the last photo before we found out Maura's diagnosis.  She started getting sick on Thanksgiving.  We went to see Dr. McKinney on Friday and was flu swabbed positive, flu A.  Saturday she was sleeping and drinking water like crazy.  On Sunday we took her to the Urgent Care and then to ER.  That story to follow in next blog post.


Henry Highlights