Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break: Part III Mint Julips, Walking Downtown, the Kentucky Show and the Science Center

We made sure to have a Mint Julip while we were there!  We tried at Churchill Downs but their cafe had already closed.  So we found a restaraunt along our walk between museums.  I'm not a bourbon girl but this drink was delicious!

Bike rack in downtown Louisville

Throughout the town you can find painted horses.  We only found a few but that would be a fun scavenger hunt with more time.

Art work in the Kentucky Show atrium.  The Kentucky Show is a 30 minute movie about the highlights of Kentucky.  We went after lunch (after our Mint Julip).  Maura got a headache and I think I nodded off a few times, thankfully it was only 30 minutes.

Trolly ride to the candy shop!

There was this cute pizza place along the way that had these hedge couches to lounge on.  

Also ping pong made out of car parts.

Art to pose by on our walk from museum to museum.

More lovely art to admire on our walk.

Mirror art in front of the Science Center

Mesmerizing pendulum

A set of the first hair curlers, wha?! For real!

We had a great trip.  The drive back was a bit windy.  We had the second half on Number the Stars to listen to which kept the minds entertained other than by a screen :)  I feel really blessed to have such great family to create such fun memories for the kids!

Spring Break: Part II Hotel and Slugger Museum

Hotel swimming always one of the favorite parts of the trip.

Kate gave some synchronized swimming lessons to the kids.  I think they probably earned a C, I'm sure Kate would give them an A :)  This was there attempt at a circle with toes touching.  Think we will need a few more years of Spring Break trips to make that happen!  

Breakfast at the hotel is another highlight.  I think Max at 2 lbs of bacon one morning.  

My favorite picture from this trip was taken at the Louisville, KY Visitor Center.  As Liz R said, so much about this picture is great, Ben with his arm around Colonial Sanders like they have been buddies for years, Max's face, Maura ready to eat a bucket full of 20 yr old chicken, priceless!

We were on the trip :)

A bike rack in downtown Louisville

The Slugger Museum

Kissing their bats like Joe Demaggio

Spring Break: Part I Churchill Downs

Maps at the Rest Stop.  We only stopped twice, once at the rest stop and once for lunch about an hour out of Louisville.  The ride down was pretty uneventful.  We listened to the first half of Number the Stars on the drive down.  It was chilly but not cold when we got to Kentucky.

Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby

Derby Gates

Maura is running with the horses!

We learned lots about the Derby.  One of the amazing facts about Secretariat was that when he died at age 19 (about 10 years premature from when most horses die), they did an autopsy.  The average size of a horses heart is 7-9 lbs, Secretariat's heart was 22 pounds!  That is why all three of his records in the  Triple Crown, still hold, amazing!

Trying on fancy Kentucky Derby hats :)