Sunday, September 26, 2010

Driveway Campfire

Ben working on his Webelos fire making skills.

Mmmm, s'mores

We had to end our s'mores fest early because the clouds and rain started rolling in.

Ben wanting to be sure I was in one of the pictures.

Playdoh and Bread Co

There is nothing better than a new package of Playdoh.

Maura's creation had something to do with a big bear that she rolled and put into the sun

Max's narrative on his creation was a bit longer. It is an Up and Away creature. He loves to make peace. He helps all of the animals in the forest and jungles when they are hurt. He loves to play hide and seek. He has a little thing on his chest that helps him breath faster which he needs when he bends trees down to eat the leaves. His favorite sport is basketball. He likes to be caught by people so he has someone to play with.

After church Ben went home with a friend for the afternoon. I took Max and Maura to get one of their favorite lunches- broccoli cheddar soup from Bread Co. Maura is also a big fan of the fruit punch and Max makes a mix with a variety of sodas.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Eugenes Frozen Custard

The kids got a choice- dinner out or dessert at Eugenes? Dessert won. So we had an evening of frozen custard and feeding the ducks. Now baths, a show, and bed.

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Forest Park Balloon Race

View from Lindell

View from Lindell

View from Oakland

We went to see the Forest Park Balloon Race last weekend. I decided not to take the kids into the park because it is SO crowded and there are great views really close by with no traffic or crowds. We went on Oakland and parked. We watched from there for awhile. Then we drove down Oakland to Kingshighway then to Lindell and drove down Lindell to watch more. Many of the balloons were landing near the History Museum rather than taking off. My dad had a good thought that the wind direction may have changed so they had to wait to follow a new lead balloon.
After the race we grabbed a Dominos pizza and had dinner at my parents. We thought we might see more balloons fly over their house but that didn't happen this year. But we did have good company and fill our bellies :)

3 Years Old Already?!

The birthday girl and her Tinkerbell cake!

The kids and the Kona Snocone Truck!

Uncle James, Aunt Lexi, and Maura

MaeMae, PaePae, and Maura

Maura saying her "thank yous".I love my dad in the background of this picture. He is the one taking in the moment better than anyone else.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Walk in the Woods

Maura and I went to Walgreens to get my flu shot (one of the things on my list). The wait was an hour. I put my name in and asked if we could leave and come back. I had the forethought to put the jogging stroller in the trunk as we left this morning- hoping I'd find time to exercise today. So to kill time we went to Queeny Park and walked the paths. Maura was actually quiet for some of the walk. I think she needed time to commune with nature as much as I did. She was particularly excited to see the turtle. A good way to spend an hour.

Lists- They Do My Mind Good!

Oh, yes, a list! It can change my day and mood dramatically. I made this list laying in bed last night and thought maybe this will help me regain control of my life! And I have to say, I feel like it has made me feel more in control. Only 13 more boxes to check!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cardinals Game 2010

Finally made it to a Cardinals game with MaeMae and the kids. It was a good time but definitely more about the snacks than the game! Hotdogs, cottoncandy for Max, funnelcake for Ben, nachos for me, and Corona for MaeMae. Charlie came to pick up Maura around 8:30. She enjoyed all the excitement and loved her pink and black glove from MaeMae. We left with the boys around 9:45 which was good because they were both really tired. After dropping MaeMae off at home they both fell asleep in the car.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cute Girls

The girls after gymnastics sharing a lemonade.


This is the bike/buggie I need for Chautauqua!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Botanical Gardens

There was a boy waiting in line to get on the jumping water post. Maura cut in line and the boy started to yell at her. Ryan stopped him and said "Hey, she is only 2!". Nothing like an older cousin sticking up for you :)

I wish I had the patience and gift of knitting. Cutest hat EVER!

The last day of summer break we went to the Botanical Gardens with Kate, Amy, Tara, and Ryan. It was a beautiful day and we they got to play in the water after lunch. We also took the tram through the Garden which we had never done. I think Kate loves these excursions where the cousins are running around enjoying eachother's company.

Conductor Max

Max conducting the Alton Symphony Band

Max wearing his honorary Alton Band hat

Each year the Alton Symphony Band comes to Chautauqua to perform. They call one of the kids up on stage to conduct the band. Max was chosen this year and took his job very seriously. He was so excited to be up there but also a little nervous. He did an awesome job!

1st Day School 2010

"Brothers" These are the quiet, simple moments I never want to forget.

First Day of School 2010
Ben 4th grade
Max 1st grade


The boys started TaeKwonDo this year. I think they both really enjoy it but they are realizing it is a real commitment to move on to further belts. Maura loves watching practice and roaming the mall too. We aren't sure if we are going to commit to once or twice a week. Possibly twice a week until basketball season and then go down to once.

Swimming with Dad

Chautauqua's flooded pool

Jersey County Pool

Unfortunately, we didn't get much swimming in this summer due to the flooded pool at Chautauqua. Charlie took off a few days around Children's Day and we went to the Jersey County pool a couple of times. Hanging on dad is the favorite pool activity when he is there :)

Kim and Mia's visit to Chautauqua

My cousin, Kim, and her daughter, Mia, came up to Chautauqua for a visit this summer. The kids got along great and it was fun catching up with Kim. We spent so much time together when we were little and haven't seen much of each other since we were kids. It is funny how kids help bring family back together. We toured Chautauqua and Grandma and Grandpa Callahan's cottage, went out for ice cream, and went peach picking. Hopefully they will make an annual visit each summer.