Friday, July 6, 2012

BoyScout Camp

Maura's First Mani/Pedi

Mom and Monk Meditating

Maura and I doing Peaceful Gorilla- Charlie was recording us without us realizing.  Maura says something to me and I can't remember what she said.  It sounds something like "Syumsuheida"- the only thing that would make this video better to me is if I could photoshop us levitating after she says it.

Jenny and Girls Visit

Jenny and the girls came to Chautauqua for a visit. The kids think of each other as cousins so they pick up where they left off last year and get along great.  The kids went to play school and club, then we had lunch, went swimming and had dinner at the Loading Dock.  Maybe one of these years they will rent a cottage for a week :)

Blue tongues from ring pops

Snake spotting

Dinner at the Loading Dock

Stenner Family Day at Grant's Farm

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Early Chautauqua

MaMa and Maura playing cards.  Kate figured out that the slats make a perfect card holder for Maura.  We have a similar picture with Max and MaMa in STL playing cards :)

Fishing with the cousins.  Ryan could have fished every waking hour.

Pool time

Station Stand time

Cousins heading back home- hope they come back soon!

Botanical Gardens: Lantern Festival

The Shlantas came to STL for a fun-filled long weekend.  We went to the Lantern Festival on the first weekend of its opening.  It was beautiful and very crowded.  Hoping to go back on a date night :)

Scotty McCreery Concert

I took Max to his first concert, Scotty McCreery.  He was an excellent concert buddy.  Once he got on stage Max stood and sang the whole time!  He also enjoyed the fresh squeezed lemonade and funnel cake.  

Max's favorite Scotty song- Watertower Town

Maura's Dance Recital

Maura and Audrey had their dance recital at the beginning of June.  She signed up for dance instead of gymnastics for the semester.  She thought it was a little boring doing the same songs/dances each week but liked being with the other girls and the performance.  She will probably opt for gymnastics in the fall.