Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sabec Visit

Josh, Pam, and Austin came from Michigan to STL for a visit. Originally, we had planned on hosting them at Chautauqua. With the cottage being small and the pool being flooded we decided to host them in STL which ended up working out really well. The kids were able to run around in the basement and they were able to have the basement as a separate space to escape when downtime was necessary.
The visit pretty much centered around food. I made lasagna, salad, etc... for the first night. They brought us wine and delicious fudge from Michigan. Apparently, Michigan is famous for fudge, who knew? Charlie and Josh stayed up late catching up and talking on the deck after everyone went to sleep. The next day we went to the Magic House. It was insanely crowded especially for a Thursday. Maura thought it was too loud but loved having her dad's attention. Austin got stuck in the bean stalk but with some assistance was able to get out. I dropped Ben off at a birthday party on the way home. It was nice that we were in town over these couple of days because Ben was able to go to Matthew's pool party and see some of his friends from school. The rest of the group picked up Imo's Pizza for lunch. Imo's was a staple in college for Charlie, Josh, and Pam in Rolla so it was sort of a nostalgia trip. That afternoon some took naps and then we grilled flank steak and veggies for dinner. They headed off to KC and then Maryville the next day. It was great catching up with them. It had been over 10 years since I had seen them. Crazy how time flies!

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