Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Monet Exhibit

On Sunday we picked up Pae Pae and went to the St. Louis Art Museum to see the Monet Exhibit.  It was family day so they had activities for the kids.  We first did a little drawing with pastels and then checked out the exhibit.  It was a great exhibit but I always forget what a different experience things like this are when it is a kid event.  I may have to go back when I can appreciate it without interruption.

The Holy Crepes truck was at the Art Museum and they were giving out free crepes for the Monet event.  The line was crazy long but the kids really wanted a crepes.  Pae Pae was able to sway the kids to go for Steak and Shake instead of waiting for the crepes- great idea Pae Pae!  We had shakes, sundaes and cheese fries, yum!  Pae Pae got a full lunch and we were all happy :)  

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