Monday, November 7, 2011

2011 World Series: GO CARDS!!!

Molly decked out as the rally squirrel.  The Cardinals came back this season and ended up being the Wild Card and winning the 2011 World Series.  We spent two weeks staying up late and watching the Playoff and World Series games.  It went to game 7- I watched it over at my parent's house with mom, dad and James.  Ben had an overnight camping weekend so he listened to the game around the campfire with friends- cool memory for him.  I have to thank my mom for raising me to make these sorts of family memories.  We will all remember being part of the 2011 World Series!

Waiting for the metro link to head down to the rally.

The metro link was crazy packed.  Charlie and I went in one car with the boys and were smashed like sardines.  MaeMae and Maura went in the car ahead of us.  It was a beautiful day so all of STL decided to go down to the parade and rally.

We were able to get  six seats but they were paired off in different locations in the stadium.  Ben and I were in Homer's Landing which was fun because we had never sat in that spot before.  It was also near where the players drove into the stadium so Ben got to see the players up close as they rode in.  And I'm pretty sure Albert Pujols made eye contact and waved right at him.

Fuzzy but there is the eye contact and wave to Ben :)

We love Yadi!  On Max and my to do list:  get his Yadi ball signed by Yadi!  We were shown where the Cardinals now park- maybe we will go early before a game next year and try to get that signature :)

Charlie ended up taking Max and Maura back to the car before the fireworks started because they were pretty much done with the whole experience.  Apparently, the Metrolink was crazy crowded even then.  They managed to get on and back to our car parked at Wash U.  We planned to ride the Metrolink back but the line was crazy.  It went from down the Metrolink  platform, up the stairs and down the sidewalk.  We decided to walk toward Union Station and they picked us up there without and hassles of traffic.

Trying to get a normal picture of MaeMae and Ben without one of they acting goofy- Ben here with crazy eyes!

It is so fun that Ben is at an age where he can go to things like this and handle the long walks, etc... that go with it.  And his love of baseball is pretty fun too!

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  1. It was an amazing last couple of weeks. Molly looks so cute with her Cardinal Rally shirt on. What fun Cardinal 2011 memories. Then on the heels of that Halloween. I was a little sad when it was all over ;-)