Sunday, October 14, 2012

Meramec Caverns

The whole family trekked down 44 to Meramec Caverns.  We counted 46 Meramec Cavern signs on the way there and didn't even start counting right away.  When we got there Uncle James treated us all to ice cream and we spent time in the gift shop.  We use to go on this tour every few years with Uncle Danny.  It was fun to relive those memories. The tour was pretty much how we all remembered it- ending with Kate Smith singing God Bless America and my mom getting the giggles.  Our tour guide had this crazy monotone uptalk thing going on.  After the tour the kids got some magnetic stones, Max got a yellow star gem and lost it within minutes.  The people at the gift shop gave him a new one for free after 10 minutes of looking under all the yellow leaves on the ground.  We called around for restaurants close by for lunch.  I got ahold of some BBQ place called Homers.  The guy answered and said they were open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and then open Mon-Wed to read the bible together.  We chose to go to the Pizza Shack that James saw in St. Claire on the drive to the Caverns.  It was a great family place- video games and great pizza- perfect end to a great day :)

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