Friday, November 30, 2012

Lottes Ladies in Chicago

First stop, lunch and a drink.  There was a little confusion as to which "Water" restaurant we were having lunch but we all ended up at the same place which is all that mattered.  Great decorations- would love to do this on our front porch at Halloween!

My man is always on my mind :)

Gorgeous rooms at the Monaco Hotel- Mimi did an awesome job picking out a boutique hotel for us all to enjoy!

After an afternoon of shopping in Lincoln Park we met back at the hotel for happy hour.  Three glasses of red waiting for those in the cab behind ours.

Short walk to dinner, unfortunately no dinner pics :(

Lake Michigan on our walk to dinner.

 The Art Institute was one of the cultural events of the trip :)

American Gothic

I think I was missing my monkeys back at home.

A Sunday on LaGrande Jatte


 Water Lillies

Group Self-Portrait in the Bean

The Bean, Millenium Park

Thankfully, Mimi talked up the Garrett's Popcorn enough that Amy and I made a point to pick some up on our last day.  It was absolutely worth the wait in line (and our wait wasn't too long on Sunday morning).  It made for the perfect treat to bring home to the family.

Lots more that was not photographed- Lincoln Park shopping, late night wine drinking and ipod listening, Michigan Ave shopping, room service (delicious eggs benadict), hunting for the 'perfect' boots,  The Assassins play, Mimi's hours on the phone with airlines trying to get home before Hurricane Sandy hits and more.  Hopefully, a first of many more trips to come :)

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