Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Eve 2010

MaMa's Christmas tree

A couple of weeks before Christmas we met at MaMas to trim the tree. The kids did the decorating which they love doing.

It started snowing on Christmas Eve and we weren't sure how much snow to expect. So we decided to switch things up and meet at Kates for lunch instead of 4pm mass and then dinner. It ended up working out beautifully. The kids had tons of time to play, open gifts, and play with gifts. We had plenty of time to talk and relax while the kids entertained one another. We went to 6pm mass which was considerably less crowded. And we were home by 7:30! Now that naptimes are pretty much a thing of the past we will probably move to this earlier/less stressful Christmas Eve schedule.
The big hit with the younger kids was the "pillow pets". Legos were also popular. The older boys were generous in letting the younger ones check out their gifts. Maura was glued to Michael while he showed her his pencil/stencil kit. It is so fun watching the younger and older cousins interact.
My Christmas photos are really weak for this year. I'm hoping to get some from others which do a better job of documenting the events.

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