Monday, July 29, 2013

Sioux Falls/Michael's Graduation

In May we went to Sioux Falls, SD for Michael's High School graduation.  We flew into Omaha, NE and drove to Sioux Falls.  The first night we stayed at a waterpark hotel, very fun!

Much needed cocktails after the day of travel.

We got to the Shlantas and found this, awesome!

Swim time at the Jacobs hotel.

Screen time

Crazy, delicious and addictive frito/carmel dessert

Scott's bday cupcakes

And a trampoline, life is always more fun with cousins!

Scary Falls Park, like really scary!

Beautiful window in downtown Sioux Falls

The doormen

The Graduation!

How did the years go so quickly?!  I remember babysitting this cute little guy.  Only regret of the trip, not getting a picture of Charlie, Michael and I, grrr!  Will have to get one in NC!

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  1. I love the pic with Maura stuffing a cup cake in her mouth. :D

    I'm impressed you got a pic of Mike and parents!