Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years!

We spent New Years Eve at my parents for dinner, no pics :(  Then we came home and got set up for our slumber party in the living room. We banged pots and pans and scared away the evil spirits with the totem poles.   I had an upset stomach and was totally freaked out that I had the stomach flu!  So I went to bed early.    Charlie hunkered down with the crew in the living room.  Maura didn't make it until midnight, thankfully.  The boys did but they missed the ball drop because they turned on a different channel, dang!

And then I woke up looking like Angelina Jolie with my lips puffed out like a crazy woman!  As my mom said, people pay big bucks for those lips!  I went back to the Dr, probably an allergic reaction to the meds I was on, benadryl and zyrtek should help.  Also got an anti-viral prescription since that is what may be causing the puffy lips and swollen gums.  I am ready to put the past week behind me, get healthy physically and mentally and start a new year!  Here is to bringing on a healthy and happy 2014!

Bye, bye Miss Puffy Lips!

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