Wednesday, June 2, 2010


This morning we went to the Grand Glaize Library to sign up for the Summer Reading Club. When we got there a storm was heading our way. The sky looked really threatening but it only ended up raining a little bit. We spent an hour or so in the library and Maura made her first public restroom stop of the day there.

Before the not-so-storm

Max and Maura

After the library I convinced the boys we should return the hermit crabs to the pet store. They STINK so BAD! And they really aren't exciting pets except when they escape from their tanks. Ben's escaped a month or so ago. I woke up in the middle of the night to this scratching sound. I thought it was a rodent or something in the vent. So I woke Charlie up. He told me I was suppose to sleep through these things. He made me leave the room because he was afraid I would start screaming- probably true. He came out and told me to come see what I was hearing. Ben's hermit crab had escaped from its tank, walked down the hall, into our room, and was making its way up a metal frame that was sitting beside the dresser. Clearly it was trying to make its way to get me in bed! Well, other than that they are just boring, stinky, little creatures who will have a much better home somewhere else. Unfortunately, they wouldn't put them back in the tank to sell them but said if they could keep the tank they could put them up for adoption. Maura made her second public restroom stop at the pet store.
Then we headed to Custom Cuts for haircuts. The boys have been insisting that their hair only be trimmed because they like longer hair. This means more frequent trips for haircuts. Maura thinks she needs her haircut everytime as well. I was able to convince her pretty easily that she couldn't get a haircut but could have a lollipop. She made her third public restroom stop here, twice.
Max has a baseball game tonight. It is the CPOP Kindergarten boys team against the girls. I think they will love playing eachother. Then we are planning on going to the Rausch's new home in Kirkwood to see the "before" the rehab.

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