Friday, September 24, 2010

Forest Park Balloon Race

View from Lindell

View from Lindell

View from Oakland

We went to see the Forest Park Balloon Race last weekend. I decided not to take the kids into the park because it is SO crowded and there are great views really close by with no traffic or crowds. We went on Oakland and parked. We watched from there for awhile. Then we drove down Oakland to Kingshighway then to Lindell and drove down Lindell to watch more. Many of the balloons were landing near the History Museum rather than taking off. My dad had a good thought that the wind direction may have changed so they had to wait to follow a new lead balloon.
After the race we grabbed a Dominos pizza and had dinner at my parents. We thought we might see more balloons fly over their house but that didn't happen this year. But we did have good company and fill our bellies :)

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