Sunday, September 26, 2010

Playdoh and Bread Co

There is nothing better than a new package of Playdoh.

Maura's creation had something to do with a big bear that she rolled and put into the sun

Max's narrative on his creation was a bit longer. It is an Up and Away creature. He loves to make peace. He helps all of the animals in the forest and jungles when they are hurt. He loves to play hide and seek. He has a little thing on his chest that helps him breath faster which he needs when he bends trees down to eat the leaves. His favorite sport is basketball. He likes to be caught by people so he has someone to play with.

After church Ben went home with a friend for the afternoon. I took Max and Maura to get one of their favorite lunches- broccoli cheddar soup from Bread Co. Maura is also a big fan of the fruit punch and Max makes a mix with a variety of sodas.

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