Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ATL Part 1: Jenny

Frankie + Rudy = Love

I have never seen a child love an animal more than Frankie loves Rudy. She spends the majority of her time making sure he is let outside or back in, getting treats, or following her around. If he isn't following her around she tracks him down and brings him to where she is playing. It is the sweetest thing. Frankie is destined to have some profession dealing with animals.

The Georgia backyard. Unfortunately, it was raining so I didn't get a real tour of the Better Homes and Gardens yard. But even from the porch I could tell it is an overwhelming piece of work in every season. But it is gorgeous especially the tall pines that sway in the wind.

Jenny and I had a great visit. It was nice not having my own kids so I was able to truly spend time and visit with hers. We had lunch when I got there. In true Jenny fashion she had an awesome 7 layer dip to go with our soup. The kids came home from school and it was homework and downtime. Grace uses this really cool reading program to help with fluency. Teachers or parents have to subscribe and pay to use the program but I may mention it to PTO because it looked like a very motivating way to get kids to practice reading. In the evening we went to a school meeting for a trip Alicia is taking with 5th grade. They are going to an island for three days to do team building and explore the island. When we were in 5th grade I think we went to the History Museum. After the meeting Jenny and I grabbed dinner at a bar and grill. They had great chicken wing sandwiches and wraps. We went back to the house and hung out with Jeff for awhile then went to bed. I was so wiped out from getting up so early to catch the earlier flight. In the morning we hung out had breakfast and I left for lunch with Seth. I was so glad to finally see Jenny's new life in ATL. Ok, not so new, she's been there 3 years. I tried to get her to be in a picture with me but she refused. I'm getting that picture at Thanksgiving!

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