Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Georgia Mountains Part 2: Horse Farm

Morris takes care of land and horses on much of the properties around his own. Many of these properties once belonged to his family but have since been sold. Across the road from his home is this farm which once belonged to his grandparents. It now belongs to a family who owns an advertising school. They come to Georgia for weekend retreats and also bring students for week-long seminars. The majority of the time the house is empty and Morris (and sometimes Shannon) care for the horses and the land.

Brenden can actually drive this "Dragon" all on his own. He took me on a tour of the property. We got a little lost and had a little trouble turning it around on the path but finally managed to make it back to the farm. His spatial skills are incredible for six years old!

This is the art studio on the property. She does pottery, pencil drawings, and water color. Look at all that natural light! I like to imagine my inner artist would come to life if I had a studio like this :)

The owner is a woodworker and makes every piece of furniture for the home. He also has a studio.

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