Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Irish Cuties

We did our annual St. Patrick's Day lunch at Westport. We went to Pujols again this year and need to remember next year that they have a free breakfast on St. Pats! Lunch was good, the weather was beautiful but windy. MaeMae brought green cupcakes for the kids which we shared at with all the kids in carpool. They thought that was fabulous. More pictures to come once I get the ones MaeMae took.

Can you see it coming? I'm gonna get you...

I gotcha! And then uncontrollable laughter from Maura :)

MaeMae taught Maura how to play tic-tac-toe, well sort of. Maura really liked making the circles and x's but didn't exactly get the whole concept. MaeMae is one fierce tic-tac-toe player!

And a lunch with Uncle James isn't complete without video games!

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