Friday, August 12, 2011

Shakespeare Festival

In June we went to the Shakespeare Festival in Forest Park. We got there early to get a good spot to put our chairs and blankets. We spent the first hour playing cards and snacking. I realized quickly that for the kids it was all going to be about the food.

Maura was asked to be one of the cheer leaders to get the audience to come to the small stage for the 20min version of Taming of the Shrew. The actors wore traditional Shakespearean costumes in the condensed version. Watching the short version really helped the kids follow the play.
There was fire breather and sword juggler.

and belly dancers- Maura and I got up on the stage to learn how to belly dance- thankfully there are no pictures of that :)

Pae Pae, Uncle James, and Mae Mae enjoying the preshow.

more snacking...
and more snacking...

The play was fabulous. They made the setting the 1950's and played "Going to the Chapel"- that song was stuck in my head and the kids for weeks.

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