Thursday, January 1, 2015

Uterine Fibroid Surgery

I had dealt with symptoms from uterine fibroids for way too long.  I had tried different birth control pills to control the situation but they would only help for a short amount of time.  I had never been under anesthesia, so that was probably the part I was most nervous about.  Charlie brought me into the surgery center around 11 and the nurses got me prepped.  They asked if I got motion sick easily which was a yes.  So they put a patch behind my ear of ?  I remember them wheeling me into the operating room.  I remember them having me scoot over to the operating table.  They put the oxygen mask over my face and I was out.  The next thing I remember was Dr. next to me in recovery telling me that everything went well.  They found a large amount of endometriosis which they were not expecting.  They did three incisions and were able to get all of the tumor out.  We will continue to watch for symptoms of the endo but so far, the surgery seems to have worked!  If symptoms come back I would go through the surgery again in a heart beat.  It was so worth being symptom free!

Fibroid free and ready to go home!

Flowers from work

Breakfast in hospital, watched Philomena (about the orphanage my mom was raised in for the first 3 years of her life in Tipperary, Ireland)

Flowers from Amy

Flowers from mom and dad

My recovery station at home :)  Shadow kept me company curled up on my lap.  Charlie was home for a couple of days and he made sure there was a fire going all the time.  I watched movies and took naps.  The kids were awesome, kept me company, made me cards and gave me hugs when I needed them.

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