Friday, March 22, 2013

Max Highlights

Max missed the Music Night at CPOP before Spring Break because he was sick with a fever.  His teacher let him play his three songs for his class.  Maura and I went to listen.  He did a great job- he played Bullfrog Blues, Ode to Joy and Catwalk.

We finally got a keyboard with weighted keys for Max.  He has been playing piano for a year and a half on a keyboard I got at Goodwill for $15.  He definitely needed and deserved the upgrade.  He is so good about practicing- we don't even need to remind him, totally self driven and he just enjoys it.  Everyone has enjoyed it and Maura picked up Ode to Joy by ear and has started playing it.  She wants to start piano lessons but we will wait till fall after we get back from Chautauqua.  Max will play piano next year and also wants to play clarinet for band.  His goal is to work up to Obo so he can charm snakes!

Max had his first piano recital for the St. Louis Music Federation.  He received a blue ribbon :)

Max is going to Stages for theater.  They performed 101 Dalmations.  The next performance at the end of April is Newsies.

Max's class did a Wax Museum presentation.  Max's person was David Bushnell who created the first submarine.  He looked handsome in his white shirt and jacket.  He also wore jeans and later told me that wasn't such a good choice because bluejeans weren't invented yet.  

Max helped me come up with our Snow Day School agenda.  Everyone got to teach a couple of classes.  I LOVE SNOWDAYS!!!

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