Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snow Day

We went over to Angel's house on the last snow day to sled. Maura and Jenna love playing together I think mostly because they both have two brothers and enjoy the "sister-like" time together.

I wish this picture didn't turn out fuzzy. It is hard to get Max to smile for real for a picture. This captures Max with a true smile- I love it!

We learned that Max's skin has an allergic reaction to handwarmers. The boys had them in their coat pockets for sledding. We came inside for hot chocolate and Max's cheeks were really rosy. At first I thought they were just rosy from the cold but to the touch they were warm. He then said he put the warmers from his pockets on his cheeks. Then last week he came home from school with a rash all over his hands that was itchy and red. I did not make the connection. I told Charlie about it and thankfully he makes these sorts of connections and said it was probably the residue from handwarmers being in his coat pocket. We washed the coat and yep, no more rash.

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