Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Over the past year I've discovered the world of blogs and have been inspired by so many. One blog in particular is written by a woman named Edie. I was first drawn to it because of the beautiful photos. As I continued to go back I found myself inspired by her words. There was always something to reflect on after reading her blog post. A few days before Christmas when I went to read her blog I read that there had been a fire at her home. She and her family survived without injury but had lost everything. I was surprised how upset I was over this tragedy. I have never met Edie or her family. But through reading her blog over the last year I feel I know her.
It may seem trivial but one of the main things I have gained from Edie's blog is a love for The Avett Brothers. When I heard them for the first time through a link on her blog I was so moved and immediately downloaded their CD. I went on a trip to visit a friend in Georgia without my husband or kids. The Avett Brothers were my companions through the mountains of Georgia and became my backdrop for a wonderful trip. Their songs are reflective and soul stirring. I thank you, Edie, for introducing me to them. I continue to pray for you and your family. And Happy Birthday!


The link below is from a blog post of Edie's where she reflects on Head Full of Doubt/Roadfull of Promise. I think it must speak to her now more than ever.



  1. she has touched me like few bloggers have.....

    Enjoyed reading your blog tonight....

  2. dear kathy,
    so blessed by your kind words....
    a wonderful reader sent me a real copy of the Avett Brothers CD last week and what a blessing to hear them again. i lost my computer and all my music so it was the perfect gift.
    listen to 'tear down the house'. i've listened to that one more than once.
    music can be such healing.
    love to you and thank you for caring, praying.