Sunday, January 9, 2011

Test Photos

First loaf of bread using the Master recipe from Artisian Bread in Five Minutes a Day~ love this book! Three people told me about this book- Amy L, Jenny M., and one of my PAT moms. All three told me how fabulous the bread tastes and how easy it is! I was so excited to make my first batch an it really is super easy and delicious. The kids love it and the house smells great when I bake it.

For Christmas my dad bought me the Canon Rebel. I was hoping for money to put towards a new camera that I might buy sometime in the next year. Instead on Christmas I opened a box with a Canon Rebel! I was probably more in shock than anything and maybe didn't act as excited as I should. I knew it was expensive so I felt sort of guilty. I let go of the guilt and decided to enjoy and it has been wonderful. I'm still learning all I can do with the camera but can already tell the quality definitely surpasses a regular point and shoot camera. Maybe I'll save money each year by taking the kid's pictures on my own instead of hiring a photographer. Regardless, I will enjoy having a camera that can take fabulous pictures!

I love that the camera takes pictures so quickly that you can capture moments like this~ nothing like catching MaeMae with the giggles!

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