Monday, December 23, 2013

Redecorating the Chautauqua Porch

So after various porch parties at Chautauqua, I decided the porch needed very much needed a make-over!  We spent the past 5 Summers with this huge table taking over the entire center of the porch.  It was not an inviting space and there was no place to comfortably lounge, visit, read, etc…  So the day after Liz's porch party, I took Charlie shopping and we did a complete re-do in a day!  And we LOVE it!!!  Ben had multiple porch parties (teens hanging out drinking soda and eating popcorn) in the evenings.  We also had many friends over enjoying the porch.  And it is my favorite place for coffee and reading.  Other than the major slant of the couch which I've tried to correct with books under the back legs, it is a fabulous space, yay!

Tried to find a pre-makeover picture.  This was the only one I could easily find.  Just a big old table in the middle of the porch with uncomfortable chairs that numb your rear if you it too long.

Post-makeover picture!

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