Friday, March 18, 2016

Snow Day

We got an unexpected Snow Day in February.  The forecast didn't look like it was going to happen but the snow fell at the perfect time and school was called off!  I love snow days.  I love the kids waking up and realizing they are off school :)  I also love being up early when the house is quiet, no one else awake yet and everything outside is quiet because of the fallen snow.

This particular snow day was also Tara's 16th Birthday...these were the two pictures I texted to her when wishing her a happy birthday :)  She was bummed because she couldn't take her driver's test on her bday because of the snow but I think she went the next day.

Sloane came over for the snow day.  We miss her not living next door but she and Maura still see one another a lot!  

Max reading through the Harry Potter series, again.

This pictures popped up on my facebook memories.  Look at how little those faces were!

Ben's post-it marked To Kill a Mockingbird.  I love how this looks so much!  Ben has Mr. Holland for English and loves this class.  He went into Freshman year saying English was his least favorite class, now it is one of his favorites :)   

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