Friday, March 18, 2016

Rathburn Visit

Large smiles, lol, all of our selfies were large smiles or crazy eyes!  
Liz came in for Amy's surprise bday party and then came back for President's Day weekend.  Jack was able to celebrate Max's bday that weekend with us.

No great photos from Max's birthday. Just a couple of them eating pizza.  He had Connor, Gabe, Quincy, Tyler and Jack.  So Quincy an Max were best friends in preschool and just reconnected in Middle School.  

My mom hadn't seen Liz in over a year since she wasn't at Chautauqua at all this Summer.  Last Summer's Bloody Mary contest was postponed until next Summer.  It looks like it may be turning into a Margarita contest because Bob and Sal won a recent Margarita contest and want to test it out on us.  My mom is the queen of the limes so I think we will be good competition.  

Ben with his other little brother, from another mother

Party Cam

The girls with the Valentine's shirts

Maura's teacher, Ms. Fischer, is neighbors with Meg who hosted the Smoke Out party.  She came over the see Maura :)

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