Sunday, March 16, 2014

Jamaica Part I

We planned our 15 year anniversary trip to Jamaica.  We picked the perfect time of year~ mid-January. I was even looking forward to the plane ride and with motion sickness that isn't usually a highlight.  But knowing after an under 4 hour plane ride, we would be in a beautiful, warm climate for a full week, I was ready to embrace it all!

Relaxing airplane ride, complete with Bloody Mary, a movie (World War Z, had to stop the movie because it was crazy, freaky!) and no interruptions from kids :)

Borrowed Ben's Beats for the plane ride, they made listening much quieter in a plane.

Airport Bar on our exit from the airport

The first burst of sun hitting my face, vitamin D never felt so good!  Left a horrible winter in STL, the coldest and snowiest since the 1970's.  

Our crazy, expensive margaritas, worth every penny!

The rasta tweety bird on our bus

Apparently, one of the delicacies in Jamaica is goat.  On our drive to Ocho Rios, we saw goats wandering around everywhere, no stray dogs, just stray goats.

People even taking their goats for walks on leashes

Entrance of The Jewel Dunn Resort and Spa

First picture on the beach :)

After touring the resort we stopped for a pizza, yum!

Tree Bar

Seeing green and flowers was good for the soul!

Our bed was made with towel love art each day, by the 5th day they must have run out of new ideas because they kissing swans were on repeat performance.

There was a Steel Band on our first night, they were amazing!

My feet were warm for 7 days, it was incredible

Yoga on our patio in the morning to start the day :)

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