Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break: Part II Hotel and Slugger Museum

Hotel swimming always one of the favorite parts of the trip.

Kate gave some synchronized swimming lessons to the kids.  I think they probably earned a C, I'm sure Kate would give them an A :)  This was there attempt at a circle with toes touching.  Think we will need a few more years of Spring Break trips to make that happen!  

Breakfast at the hotel is another highlight.  I think Max at 2 lbs of bacon one morning.  

My favorite picture from this trip was taken at the Louisville, KY Visitor Center.  As Liz R said, so much about this picture is great, Ben with his arm around Colonial Sanders like they have been buddies for years, Max's face, Maura ready to eat a bucket full of 20 yr old chicken, priceless!

We were on the trip :)

A bike rack in downtown Louisville

The Slugger Museum

Kissing their bats like Joe Demaggio

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