Monday, March 24, 2014

PAT Lake Trip

Kissing selfie sent from Dierbergs back home

Amy L and I have a contest on who can find the most crazy and random things at Schnucks or Dierbergs.  Over the holidays she found a pearl earring and necklace set that was lovely.  Our Schnucks was carrying purses, towels and comforter sets for awhile.  The Dierbergs at the Lake had a wide variety of accessories and home decor.

This Dierbergs has a patio that overlooks the Lake.  It was too cold for us to enjoy happy hour.

One of my most, very favorite parts of traveling…coffee and reading in the morning.  I may actually do a whole separate post on The Book Thief.  I want a reading group to discuss this book, so much I loved so much!

View from our condo…would have been much more beautiful if there were green leaves in the background.  Spring needs to arrive soon!

We ran into Maura's Trinity preschool teachers from last year at the Lake.  On a day off I need to bring Maura and Max to Trinity to read to the preschoolers.  These are the most wonderful preschool teachers and we miss them so much!

PAT group that went to the lake.

We had breakfast at On the Rise.  It has expanded and now has a cute gift shop.  This trip made me really miss and want a Churchill girl's trip to the Lake, such fun memories!

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