Sunday, March 16, 2014

Max's 10th Birthday

Special guest:  Jack R!  They were in town for the weekend so Jack got to come to the slumber party.  I'm not sure if Max was more excited about the party or Jack being able to come.  

Kids played video games for awhile and then came upstairs for pizza and cupcakes.

We made glow in the dark t-shirts as party favors.

Then black light glow paint…Maura would have happily covered her whole body!

Opened presents, had ice cream sundaes and then watched the 3rd Harry Potter:  Prisoner of Azkaban.  Most of the kids watched, some played video games.  After the movie ended we tried to get everyone settled which is a challenge with this group.  I ended up laying downstairs and then Charlie took a turn. Everyone was probably asleep around 1am but Max came to me at 5am and said people were already awake and acting crazy!  

Donuts for breakfast~ all in all a good slumber party!

Lemon cake, yum!

Family selfie on Max's bday :)

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