Saturday, October 2, 2010

Beaumont Scout Camp

Max and cousin Colin

These pine trees are absolutely beautiful.

The chapel

It was Scout Day at Beaumont. We took the boys and Devin for a few hours this afternoon. My mom came to watch Maura. It was suppose to get pretty cold at night so we decided to opt out of the overnight portion. I sort of wished we had stayed for that especially since the turn out was sort of low and Colin was there. It would have been fun for the boys to have some good cousin bonding time. But neither Ben or Max were eager to stay if it was going to be cold. They enjoyed the sling shot castle wars, tree climbing, and water rockets. It was an incredibly beautiful afternoon to be outside. It reminded me that we need to get to Castlewood soon for a hike. I think Maura is old enough to make it most of the way on her own. She may need a piggyback ride towards the end but I think she will love the hike and the views. I'm not sure if Molly's joints can still make it on a hike like that but I think it is worth trying with the arthritis medicine. She loves hikes like that in the woods.

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