Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hike at Castlewood

This hike at Castlewood starts with a long hill. The boys were motivated to make the climb. Maura was not.

We found a tree stump to stop and rest. Maura sulked a bit. Molly couldn't be happier.

Maura got a piggyback ride and all was ok with the world again.

When we made it to the top of the main hill we stopped at a few of the lookouts to enjoy the view. Charlie and I decided the hike was probably more than Maura and Molly could handle. We had given Molly her arthritis medicine but she was panting quite a bit already. He took Maura and Molly back down the hill to the park.
I continued on with the boys but had forgotten how long this hike would take. We hiked until the area with the stairs and headed back. It was a beautiful day. Max was really eager to finish the hike so we will find another nice day to bring the boys and leave Maura and Molly at home with a sitter. It is nice knowing that in a few years hikes can be back on the agenda with the whole family. Hopefully Charlie and I can fit a hike in on the bluffs when we close the cottage on Saturday.

Ben discovered these pieces on the hike so he and Max spent some time digging and collecting as many pieces as they could find. Charlie thinks they are from light bulbs. Kind of a strange thing to be buried in the earth at Castlewood.

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