Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rambach's Pumpkin Patch

Maura and I went to Rambach's Pumpkin Patch. The weather was perfect. She loved the little pumpkins and helped me pick out ones to decorate our front porch. She said it was our front porch's costume. We also got a bail of hay which made a huge mess in the car. We later went to the gas station to vacuum up the "huge mess" (Maura's words).
We also went to the Halloween store to buy costumes. I hate the gruesome decorations in those stores. Maura picked out a very frilly, pink butterfly princess costume. She is hard to sway once she makes up her mind! We also got Max's clown costume. Ben's Santa costume is going to have to be ordered online.
We ran a few more errands to keep Maura going. She is taking naps here and there. On the days she naps it is hard for her to fall asleep at night. We met up with Laura and Audrey at CPOP before dismissal and the girls played on the playground. Audrey was doing the monkey bars and fell off so hard. She came inches from hitting her head but only hit her side and back. She cried pretty hard but after five minutes she was up and trying to convince Laura to let her do the monkey bars again. That girl is tough.

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