Monday, October 11, 2010

Field Trip to Kirkwood

Kirkwood Farmer's Market

Ms. Spier lining up the first graders

Lunch at Dewey's Pizza- they actually set a table for 30 for us!

We toured Kirkwood's City Hall

What a great field trip for first graders! It started with a tour of the police/fire department. The kids didn't get the full tour because there was an emergency they had to leave for. Then it was off to the Kirkwood Farmer's Market. They played on the playground and checked out the pumpkins and fresh produce. Each of the kid's was able to chose a pumpkin to bring home. Lunch was Dewey's Pizza. They set a table for all 30 kids and parents. After lunch we went to Kirkwood's City Hall for a tour. Finally, it was off to Kirkwood's library. A fun filled day!

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