Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Field Trip to St. Charles

Fabric from the General Store

Tobacco drying

The tour guide explained how one of the most popular items at the General Store was the tobacco rubbed in maple and honey. She also showed us a globe like device that was used to attract flies. We need one of those and if they sold it in their gift shop I would have bought it!

Missouri's first State Capitol building in St. Charles

A replica from Lewis and Clark's journey from Missouri out West

A tent from their journey Westward

Replicas of huts the Indians built in North Dakota

Ben wanted this picture showing the soldiers, buffalo and Indians. Lewis and Clark and their men were stuck for a day and a half because the herd of buffalo was so large!

I learned a ton on this field trip. It was also impressive how much these fourth graders have already learned about Missouri history. Every question from the tour guides was followed by 40 hands going up!
A couple of pieces of the new information I learned:
1. Lewis was shot in the rear end by the fiddler/soldier on the last leg of their journey. The soldier was blind in one eye and thought Lewis was an elk because he was dressed in elk fur.
2. Sacagawea met her brother after being separated from him for 6 years.
3. The boat capsized and Sacagawea saved all of the journals except for Lewis' but he only had two so it didn't matter so much.

After this field trip it really helped me appreciate how EASY we have it. I think a great reality show would be recreating the Lewis and Clark expedition- WAY harder than Survivor. I will not be signing up!

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